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Tittle: "Comparison."
Fandom: Pan's Labyrinth.
Raiting: PG-13.
Words: 585.
Summary: Moanna thinks about her life as human.
Disclaimer: The story and characters belong to Guillermo del Toro.
Warnings: English is not my mother tongue.


Titulo: "Comparaciones."
Fandom: Laberinto del Fauno.
Raiting: PG-13.
Palabras: 595.
Resumen: Moanna piensa sobre su vida como humana.
Disclaimer: La historia y todos los personajes pertenecen a Guillermo del Toro.


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When I first saw Pan's Labyrinth in June, both my sister and my mom were completely confused by it. The sister didn't even bother trying to last the first five minutes, and the mother constantly made editorial comments about . Not discouraged in the least, I watched it about two more times that night, and thought it was absolutely amazing. Frankly, the movie was powerful, the acting was amazing, and it was the best fairy tale I've ever heard. This is why I get mildly depressed when I remember that there wasn't much publicity for this movie, and they especially weren't advertised toward my age group. Which, makes absolutely no sense to me. I, an intellectual teenager, greatly enjoyed the symbolism, plot and fantasy of the movie. Of course, to the same marketing geniuses who take up airtime on CN and the rest of the conglomerate kid-and-teen channels, it's nigh implausible that those who fall in the 13-19 age group could actually benefit from something not chock full of bad animation, bizarre plots and ridiculous voice acting. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Pan's Labyrinth seems to require a certain maturity in order to comprehend what the bloody hell is going on, and watch without giggling inanely when Vidal is stabbed in the mouth or making snide comments about Ofelia's shoes. While most some of my peers have not quite reached that point, I still can't shake this rabid desire to take the role of advertiser upon myself and constantly wear on about the movie.

Which is a good way to turn everyone off to the idea of watching it.

Could anyone tell me how you spread the word to friends?

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I just saw the movie and am in love with it. I am going book shopping this weekend in Madison and was wondering if anybody knew any books like the movie Pan's Labyrinth? (:


Hello there.
I've been a member for some time now, yet haven't posted anything. To be quite honest, I forgot about this community for a period of time. However, I feel I should make myself known. 

"Hello. My name is Chloe, and I'm an avid Faun/Ofelia shipper."
(waits for resounding "hellos" from the other members)
Okay, moving on. I'm an artist, a webpage designer (though I'm still not very good), and I make music videos. And so, I am going to advertise.

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